Lesson 7.3 PDF Extraction Not Working


I followed the instructions for Lesson 7.3 PDF Extraction but it does not appear to be working properly. Attached is a screenshot of the results. Each email includes all of the phone numbers instead of one phone number that matches the email.

I have also attached the pdf document used and the UiPath file. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Main.xaml (14.2 KB)
challenge.pdf (49.4 KB)

Not sure what the lesson objective is but it seems like you have a loop within a loop thats causing this. I would use the following regex.

for each match in matches:
email = match.groups(1).tostring
phone = match.groups(2).tostring

Hello and thanks for your reply.

You are right, the problem was a loop within a loop. I had the For Each - Phone Number container within the For Each - Email container.

Here’s the workflow before.

Here’s the workflow after.

This is the final output after making the adjustment:

I believe this is correct now, as the objective was to extract only email IDs and Phone Numbers and store in an MS Word File.

Thank you very much for your help!

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