Lesson 11 practice 1: The answer is not appropriate

Hi all
I investigated the NullReferenceException in lesson 11 practice 1 when the answer “Sort E-mails.xaml” is running.

I think the answer “Sort E-mails.xaml” is not appropriate.
Because according to RFC 2822 “Internet Message Format”

3.6.2. Originator fields
If the originator of the message can be indicated by a single mailbox and the author and transmitter are identical, the “Sender:” field SHOULD NOT be used.

I think the answer “Sort E-mails.xaml” have to update mail.From instead of mail.Sender.

NOTE:RFC 2822 Internet Message Format

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Hi tango,

The Academy team is investigating this and they will come back with an answer.

Thanks for pointing this out!

Hey Tango,

Thanks so much for pointing this out. I checked the most recent Internet Message Format document and you are indeed correct. The xaml will be corrected to contain the “From” field instead of the “Sender” field in our next Academy release.

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Hi Michelle,

I have the same issue with this exercise and chagning the property to “From” doesn’t change anything. Why some properties of email message are found by UIPath and some others are not (like From or Sender). What is the reason of that?
Can you advise on how to assign all the properties for the mail object in similar situations?

Thanks in advance.