Learning UiPath, how to create a bot

I am new to UiPath and while there seems to be buckets loads of information available from a novices perspective it can be confounding. UiPath site seems automated to point it is inaccessible. Are there tutorials available similar to what Bizagi has made available that lead you through developing a simple Bot. At this stage seeking to provide demonstration for my business of capability of RPA that inst reliant on consultants or programmers to demonstrate$$$$?

I don’t know if you’ve gone through the courses here, but the free Level 1 Foundation training provides many examples that show you how to develop a simple bot. Level 3 has some good examples for a real world scenario, if you’re up to learning it.

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Hello Mitch

Thank you for your response. I had started using the Academy but what I find it is telling you about features and there is no interaction. I have sat through several lessons were it talks at you and then when you want to progress to the next level you are required to complete a quiz and can not progress until this is completed. Reviewing the next stage the format is the same. There seems to be no practical content. Of ourse when you come to start create a Bot all the detail about all these fab features is forgot and only really appreciated when applying them in practice.

You’re asking how to automate, but aren’t ready to learn how to automate? The academy is as practical as studying gets.


Hello Path
Just out of curiosity have you seen the Bizagi tutorials, I would curious if you think they don’t teach you anything and by the doing you don’t learn? Whats the difference between 2-3 week short applied course and 6-12 month theory based university, which better allows you to apply what you have learnt??
Please look before you leap…

There are a lot of practical content in the online training. I think you have to pass a first and second session and you’ll get practical content. Good luck!

Hi @Jamesss,

It can help you.


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Tackle the tutorials on UiPath Academy first. That’s always your primary source for information.

You can learn a lot about UiPath tools such as Studio, Assistant and Orchestrator by performing the following five functions:

  1. Create a Hello World UiPath App
  2. Create an unattended Robot to run the App
  3. Connect your computer to Orchestrator with UiPath Assistant
  4. Create a UiPath process to have your robot run the app
  5. Run your robot!

Completing these five steps will give you a solid idea of how all of the key UiPath pieces fit together.

Be a quick learner

And you can seriously accomplish this all in less than a couple of hours with the right resources. Just look at the following GIF. It shows you hot to create a basic UiPath app in less than a minute. It really is that easy to automate processes!