Learning of function string and it's sub function and use of an array

Hi folks,

As I switch from selenium to Uipath just to learn it. But I am getting the syntax challenges,
for an example :-

here you can see the use of 2 different parentheses
which is like optional in java.
So can anyone help to solve these syntax challenges,.

Thanks and regards
shivender singh

@SHIVENDER_SINGH, in brief what are you trying to do and i assume you are getting a syntax error but what is it saying? I do not know if you are trying to merge arrays or you are trying to add an item to an array, please give more details. and also specify the data type of the array and item

@SenzoD here you go,

This was an example which I tried to get understand where I got that syntax which I was unable to understand. So like when I hover over the respective function it show’s me one line explanation which was not enough for me to get understand.
Here you can see

So I want to know more in details about the functions which I am unable to understand.

Thanks and regards
shivender singh

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