Late Binding is not allowed in Strict

HI All,

I am trying to Execute the following from Invoke code activity but I am getting error saying Late Binding is not possible in Strict mode.


Please Look into it… Also Please let me know how to create a custom connector


Use the actual types instead of Object

Types as in? I didn’t understand?

Please read

Hi! I know it’s been a while since this thread was opened, but I’m facing the same issue and I want to know how to solve it. I tried CType, DirectCast and CInt (the type i need is an Integer) but no luck. I always get Strict On doesn’t allow late binding. I’m Argentine, so I get the error message in Spanish but is the same one.


There is no way (that I know) to overcome this error. You will have to create a Custom Activity to do the job you want.


Try using trycast y as integer

TryCast x.myFunction(1,1), Integer

EDIT: sorry - thinking about it, that wouldnt work because integer is a Value type rather than a reference type. Have you tried using Convert?

Dave, thanks for your reply. I tried I and I got the same result

Lucas, thanks for your reply. I’ve never created a Custom Activity and I was waiting for an excuse to do that.


That’s a great opportunity to learn :slight_smile:

Check it out this link:

It will help you :slight_smile: