Last day of the month a Sunday?

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I have excel file,

Assign varDateTime = Datetime.ParseExact(in_DataTableDLV030.Rows(0)(3).ToString.SubString(0,10).Trim, “dd/MM/yyyy”, System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture)

How can I know this day (varDateTime) is the last day of the month a Sunday ?

If Sunday: varDateTime -1 day

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I want to know varDateTime is last day of month (28 of Feb, 30,31 of another month) a Sunday?

Hey @anh.nguyen ,

You can check if varDateTime.DayOfWeek.ToString.Equals("Sunday")

Producing a month last day samples:

Checking the Weekday:

hi @anh.nguyen

var=new datetime (now.year,now.month,datetime.daysInMonth(Now.year,Now.month))

this give you the last day

use var.dayofweek.tostring.equals(“sunday”)

Hi @anh.nguyen ,
get last day of last month
New DateTime(Now.Year,Now.Month,1).AddDays(-1).ToString(“dd/MM/yyyy”)
strDate = “Sunday”


Thank all, but I will explain more:

I will read Excel file and get date into varDateTime :
varDateTime = Datetime.ParseExact(in_DataTableDLV030.Rows(0)(3).ToString.SubString(0,10).Trim, “dd/MM/yyyy”,

Then check this varDateTime is the last day of the Month a Sunday?
If Sunday: varDateTime -1day


we configured an offset array and set for the first item (sunday) an offset of 1 day back

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I don’t want to check the last day of this month, I want to check my variable (day of Month in Excel) is the last day of the Month a Sunday?

Ex: My excel date: 30 April 2023 this is the last day of April a Sunday

we showcased this at least with:

Sorry for my knowledge. by your code is the last day of the month fixed? how I can use my variable (from excel example .1…28,29, 30 of April) for this code?

use any variable which is of DataType: DateTime

myDateTimeVar.DayOfWeek = DayOfWeek.Sunday

1.check Sunday

2.get last day of month

–>compare 2 dates

Hi @anh.nguyen ,



Enumerable.Range(1,12).ToArray().Select(Function(x) New DateTime(cdate(""+x.tostring+"/01/2023").Year, cdate(""+x.tostring+"/01/2023").Month, DateTime.DaysInMonth(cdate(""+x.tostring+"/01/2023").Year, cdate(""+x.tostring+"/01/2023").Month))).toarray().Where(Function(x) x.DayOfWeek=DayOfWeek.Sunday).ToArray()


Hi @anh.nguyen

Try this:

Read Excel File
   └ Assign varDateTime = DateTime.ParseExact(in_DataTableDLV030.Rows(0)(3).ToString.Substring(0, 10).Trim, "dd/MM/yyyy", System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture)(DataType: System.DateTime)

Assign isLastDayOfMonth = varDateTime.AddDays(1).Month <> varDateTime.Month(DataType: System.Boolean)

Assign isSunday = varDateTime.DayOfWeek = DayOfWeek.Sunday(DataType: System.Boolean)

If isLastDayOfMonth AndAlso isSunday
   └ Assign varDateTime = varDateTime.AddDays(-1)

Hope it helps!!

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Hi @anh.nguyen

You can use the “Modify Date” activity to get the last day of the month very easily. Use the output of the activity (i.e. set it as variable “dateModified”). Then, as suggested previously already, use “dateModified.DayOfWeek” to check whether this is a Sunday.

Hope this helps!

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Thank all and @Parvathy this is the result i expected.

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Thank you @anh.nguyen

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