Know about activities : How to add the values into "Dictionary"

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Here I have shared that how to add values into Dictionary. I have used the below activities. I have attached a sample with excel file to get clear understand .

  • Assign Activity
  • Add To Collection
  • Invoke Method
  • Microsoft - Add to dictionary

  1. Using Assign activity

2.Add To Collection

3.Invoke Method

  1. Microsoft - Add to dictionary

Video demo.

From video you learn about these things…

  • What is Dictionary ?
  • How to create Dictionary variable in UiPath Studio ?
  • How to initialize the Dictionary variable ?

Sample : (36.2 KB)

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hi @balupad14,

Thank you for the Post.

Which way is most preferable in uipath ? Is there a explanation that when to use which ?


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hi @mukeshkala,

It depends upon the situation. Normal scenario , we use the assign activity …

Thank you

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