Join two datatables with no common column


Is it possible to join two datatables without common column Ex: I have 3 columns(Name, Age,Job) in dt1 and 1 column (View) in dt2. I would just like to have 4 columns in dt1 now (already existing 3 columns + 1 column from dt2).

I already tried this using merge datatable but the output is not as expected. Please refer the screenshot
2 smartly.xaml (11.3 KB)

It would be a lot easier just to add the items to a new datatable.

Datatable 1 = DT1
Datatable 2 = DT2

in sequence :

Make a new datatable ( NewDT )

[For each row] DT1

get row item “Name” -> output = Name

get row item “Age” -> output = Age

get row item “job” -. output = Job

add datarow {Name, Age, job} to newDT

[For each row ] DT2

Get row item “view”

add data row {View} to newDT

If that doesn’t make sense then upload your sheets and ill do it for you.

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@Zak_Cooper - Can you please help me with the below one?