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Hi guys, I want to extract data from different pages. First pages includes a lot of company names and after clicking the company name the new page opens. This page also includes 3 pages first (opening page) inclues company informations, after clicking next button opens another page and again clicking next button opens final page. I want to build datatables with these informations column by column. But when I do that it wrotes the company infos row by row instead of column by column. How can i fix it? I added picture of the website and the code.

Main.xaml (63.1 KB)

You need to go through all the steps of collecting the information about the company first, THEN add it all to the datatable with Add Data Row.

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Also this has nothing to do with Join. It’s just a matter of collecting all the info about each company before you use Add Data Row to add it to the datatable.

When I collect all these data with “get text” and after build a datatable, it gives error because all companies don’t have some informations and it says the element is not found but when i collect these data with data extraction it just leaves blank and it is good. However, data extraction collect data row by row like i said. I am so confused. How can i collect the data without error?

Use Check App State to verify the element exists. If it exists, use Get Text to get the value. If it does not exist, just set the variable to empty string ie “”

Hi again I can not find a source about “if element not exist, set a variable empty”. Can you help me?. I changed my code but still if it is empty it gives error