Join 3 excels based on one common column values

I want to join 3 excels column wise. 3 input excels contains multiple columns and only one “ID” column common. I want to join excel with all matched and unmatched values from ID column.
Unmatched ID values may have empty rows.SO in short I want to do outer join.
Join activity.merge activity does not help here.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @7387023380
You want only the ID Column or even the rest of the column as well

Ashwin S

all columns from 3 excels… and all matched and unmatched rows for all IDs

Hi @7387023380

@Palaniyappan help needed :slight_smile:

Ashwin S

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@7387023380 I guess it’s better to provide the Excel Files and a Sample Output File, to Understand how do you want the Output to be :sweat_smile:

Consider these 2 input excels and 1 expected output file attaching here.

Expected.xlsx (8.4 KB) Input1.xlsx (8.3 KB) Input2.xlsx (14.0 KB) …

Kindly have a view on this and it might help you


@7387023380 Can you check this Workflow, This is not a general workflow, but it gave me the Expected Output :sweat_smile:, Check If this can work for the Real Scenario (23.9 KB)