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I have a marketing business which requires many different tasks within my business to be automated. .

This is because I am always getting new clients, and each client has unique repetitive requirements. Most of which could be automated.

The tasks are pretty simple for example:

  • downloading images and videos from reddit
  • downloading images/videos from facebook pages and then scheduling them onto clients pages.
  • scraping content from one website and adding to another

I’ve been using UIPath for about 1 year now and am pretty good at it. However, I no longer have the time to manage this aspect of the business. Therefor, I need someone who can do it for me.

So, I am looking for someone to build a LONG TERM relationship with who can create automations like this for me and then just send the UIPath folder to me via Email.

Simple and easy side income!

I prefer to pay people on a per project basis since they are pretty simple. We could negotiate the price for each project once I send over the requirements. But I expect the costs per project to be reasonable.

If you are interested please send me a PM with:

  • Your experience with UIPath (how long you been using it, list 2-3 things you created with it)

  • How much you would charge me for the 3 example tasks mentioned above (assuming I paid you per project)

As long as you can demonstrate that these projects are within your skill level, and you have good logical thinking, you will be considered for the job and added to the list.
After that I will just look at who I can hire at the cheapest cost.

Good luck :slight_smile:



i am intrested


I am interested

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Ever considered hiring a full/part-time staff for it?

Good luck when u scrimp on these things and someone hides a hidden script in their automation that runs a ransomware/permanently wipes/destroys your entire system.

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Hi Sami,

I’ve a Bot scrapping the weather and sending me an email with the results and some clothing recommendations and another one filling up a data base in CRM from a file in Excel.

I’m so keen to build up a Long-Term relationship.


Daniel Jaramillo

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I am interested in the project . My gmail Id

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I work as uipath developer since 2 years ago and this would be a good job&income for me. I wouldn’t have problems in develop those requirements.

I’ll be looking forward to hear from you, you can PM me asking for a contact to reach me.



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I am interested in the project . My gmail Id and my contact number is 81423 97985