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Can you clarify : how to update jira issue activity (https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/jira-update-issue)

I have used Get Jira Issue to get Issue Object and then passed as input to update issue activity but not sure how to update properties using Issue Object.

Note : I have used old version of update issue activity in which i was passing ticket id, dic object to update fields in ticket. Older dependency version is now conflicting with Studio version 2022.4.3

Hello @Sonalk

Was it working with the older version and now you are facing this issue? Or are you configuring this for the first time?


Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan : Yes, working fine with older version activity (running in Production) (UiPath.JiraSoftware.Activities)

I have to upgrade dependency and use new activities because of Studio 2022.4.3 conflict with older Jira activites.

Input, Out arguments are quite different for these new Jira version activities (UiPath.Jira.Activities)

Hi @Sonalk ,

You can use the Get Issue activity first and then use the Assign activity to update the properties.

Let’s say, the Output of Get Issue activity is GET ISSUE, then if you want to update properties like summary, description, etc use Assign activity, and

on the left-hand side → GET ISSUE.Summary and on the right-hand side–> the value you need to be updated.

Then after all updates use the Update Issue activity.

Vishnu B

@Vishnu_Baburajan : Thanks for your inputs. Find the attached error.

I think assigned activity is related to assign issue to specified user.

I am not sure how to pass value to change in update issue activity due to this error.

The error is because you should pass Atalassian.Jira.Issue variable in Update Issue activity.
Please find the screenshot for your reference.

Here ‘GetIssue’ is the output of Get Issue activity, after updating you should pass the same variable to Update Issue activity.

Thanks @Vishnu_Baburajan

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