It maybe inaccessible due to its protection level

I have extracted the sequence as a workflow and now I want to use the Split function to split a string to an array. but I can’t because of this error

Are there any possible ways to solve this problem?

The variable you declared is not in the scope. Please change the scope and try

The error itself is because it thinks you are trying to make a variable called ‘Split.’ Clearly this is not the goal. Start by removing the spaces in the Split statement, after that, remember that Split returns an Array, with each element split being put into its position. So if you want the first portion of the Split, you can use:
string = “Hello World”
Split(string, " ") --------> {“Hello”, “World”}
Split(string, " ")(0) ----> “Hello”
Split(string, " ")(1) ----> “World”

plus there a space before the variable name after the (

Thank for your response, I understand how split work, however the problem I have is that “Split” function do not exist in an extracted workflow. Its doesn’t pop up as other functions.
see bellow



You are using static Split function from String.
So give a try on Putting String before Like String.Split(…)

Else you can use the Split method from the String variable itself like country_collection.split(…)