Issues navigating cloud

I see you’ve had some issues today with Cloud, I’m experiencing trouble when I attempt to access Apps and Actions:

In Apps, I am asked if I want to log out
In Actions, I get a Global.SessionExpiredHeader nGlobal.SessionExpiredMessage error.

It seems there is something going on with my login or local session. I’ve tried logging out and back in, to no avail. When trying another user on my machine, I get the same issues, but my colleague is fine on his own machine, after following the solution here:

However, he couldn’t login at all, which isn’t my issue now.

I’ll try clearing my cookies and logging back in, but I don’t expect it to do anything. I’ll update if I find a fix.

Alright, that was quick - but apparently I could fix the issue by just clearing my cookies. So there we go, solved!

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