Issue with reading a large XML file


I am facing issues with reading a large XML file with more than 34000 rows.
What i did was
1.Read XML file using read file activity.
2. Deserialize the XMl .
3.Get XML nodes to get all the nodes.

However when i am trying to print each node using for each activity the process only prints the first node which is very small and then the process throws an exception saying “Process terminated due to an unexpected process termination.”
Even when i try to find certain nodes with certain names then also i am getting the same error .
Is this because of the size of the XML file ?
Please respond ASAP.


I would suggest trying to Import the XML file in Excel, and try to do all this, with an Excel Application Scope using a Read Range activity. (remember to download the Excel package via the Package Manager in UiPath Studio, you can open it by pressing ctrl + P)

To import XML files in Excel, follow the instructions in the link below:

Hi @mudit,
Y don’t you read ur xml into a datatable and do the data population.



The xml has a complex structure.Converting this to excel will not help until and unless you have a proper mapping defined.

I am getting this “Value of type XMLreadnode cannot be converted to datatable” . Can we actually convert an XML to Datatable directly ?