Issue with orchestrator api access

im trying to call the api that downloads orchestrator logs through API

this is the guide im following to configure API access

theres an issue with this step (the part to navigate to admin tab)

  • my Orchestrator was installed on premise (local VDI) so theres no automation suite hence i cant see the menu that we can usually see in
    Is there any alternative to this? i.e. can i configure the API access using another way?

we would recommend the following:

  • do RnD in swagger
    When call is not done within UiPath and by another Application:
  • do RnD in Postman and prototype it as learned within swagger
    Once you got it run in Postman then port it to your specific implementation

The round via Postman helps quickly to test and play/work e.g. with the different authentiacation models

Check if the Identity Server was set up, then you can cofigure it there:

also have a look here:

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