Issue with loading Platform.UiPath.Com

I am taking Level 3 - Advanced Training and I am not able to upload the source code.

Orchestrator is not loading and It’s shows 500 An unexpected error occurred.

Please let me know the reason.

Just checked. Its working for me. Can you try again?

Rammohan B.

Down for me as well right now. Noticed issues started earlier this morning with the Acme System 1 test application (login not authenticating but recognizing that it’s correct info).

Edit: As of 12:59pm CT for me it is resolved.

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Now I am facing the Error 524 Ray ID: 4636fbecaa442ed5 • 2018-10-02 11:57:49 UTC Host Error.

Please resolve this issue ASAP, I am not able to upload my source into Academy Portal, since i am taking Level 3 Advance Training…