Issue with Absolute value

I am trying to get the absolute value of a decimal value but sth is wrong.

The value is -1.24 but the absolute value i get is 1.

Have a look please. What could be wrong?


Yes it coming correct ,the absolute value of 1.24 is 1 where as absolute value of 1.5 is 2
My question is do you want to get 1.24 as answer

@amalmarella I want to get the positive value if its negative and keep the positive value if it is.


if -1.24 then get 1.24
if 1.24 then get 1.24

Then use Cint(variablename)
In this case it is Cint(value2)
Cint means convert to integer

@amalmarella If i convert to integer there are no decimal values.

I want to keep the number as it was with decimals : 1.24

Hi @the.christopoulos
I think change the datatype from Decimal to Double

Hope it works :slight_smile:

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In this case, it seems Math.Abs method recognized value2 as not Decimal but Int32 due to GenericValue feature. So, perhaps you should set type of values2 as Decimal (or Double).


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