Issue while adding New SAP activities

Hi All,

I have seen Uipath had developed new SAP activities. Are these available in Community Edition?
If Yes,under which package i can get these. I have updated UIpath.UIAutomation package also but no lead.
If anyone knows about it please reply me.

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Hi @Satish_Ch

Try this


I tried installing this before, but i was not able to because of .net configuration issue i guess.
But i dont think those new activities are available under this pack. I have read it like those are available under UIAutomation package.

Is anybody has solution for this query?
@vvaidya @Palaniyappan If you guys know anything about this, Can you please let me know if u know :slight_smile:

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I got it
—in your studio go to DESIGN TAB and click on MANAGE PACKAGES
—then in that click on Project Dependencies and enable include prereleases option next to the search bar
—now we will be able to see the UI automation package with version will change to 19.12 preview
—install that and we will be able to see the SAP activities under UI Automation package in activity panel

Cheers @Satish_Ch

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Yeah got it after updating UI Automation Package. Thanks Bro :slight_smile:

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