Issue in uipath.mail.activities version 1.10.5 or greater version

Hello ,

I am facing some issue in UiPath.mail.activites while getting mail body as HTML body from our server however when I am running the activities without isbodyhtml property it’s working fine.

please assit.

Hi @farhaan.khan86,
can you please elebortate more and if there is availability t share with us screen of error and also the input and output samples

As per my request I need to extract mail from my server (using get exchange message activity) and reply back to the sender with proper format (contains table or images).
for this I am using isbodyhtml property to get proper format and use this html body while sending mail using send SMTP message activity.
Problem: when I am checked Isbodyhtml property then I am getting below error
“Get Exchange Mail Messages: One or more errors occurred.”

I hope I am able to explain my issue.


Html bosy can be retrieved from header data as well…please try with that


If this is giving error…please run the bot in debug and check the property name from the locals panel by setting a break point after get mail


Hello Anil,

I am getting below error message and also check the property.
“Log Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”


Can you please try upgrading or downgrading thw package from the current version please