Issue in "Like" operator checks - How to escape square brackets in a LIKE clause?

Below is the condition I am checking. My string to be checked against contains INC08838. But my like conditions has [INC]. That means it not a match because I have a ‘[’ and ‘]’ and it should flow me into the “Not IR” message box. But that doesn’t happen and flow goes into IR Recognized. Anything that i am missing?

@Joshikumarav try using Subject.Contains(“INC08838”) inside ‘if’, if that is what you are trying to do…

Hi Niket,

The number could change. and the only part thats constant is INC0. thats why the wildcard characters INC0

Found the solution. You need to escape the sequence like this.

((subject Like “* \ [INC \ ]*”)

Below link should help:

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