Is there any video's for step by step explanation on python script execution in UI path

I m trying to execute simple python code via Ui path but I m getting errors at different level.

At the moment I m trying to get 2 values to add it and print it in output message

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Hi Balakn,

If you can share your Python code, I would be good to give you the XAML through which you can get a basic understanding.

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import re
name = input(“Enter your string: “)
#f = urllib.request.urlopen(name)
#s =‘utf-8’)
print(re.findall(“+?\d{1,3}?[- .]?(?(?:\d{2,3}))?[- .]?\d\d\d[- .]?\d\d\d\d”,name))

Thanks in advacne

Hi Balakn,

I have attached the XAMl file. Please go through it and get back if you have any doubts.

Main.xaml (7.6 KB)

In the Invoke Python Method activity, Give your Input.
In the Get Python Object activity, Give the type of Output we get.
Remember, Using a function while using Uipath.
In the Python scope, Give the directory where python is installed:

Thanks Rahul, But I m not able to open it

Please go to Manage Packages in the Design Tab and Install Uipath.Python.Activities

thanks Rahul,

Still getting issues during compilation

Can you share the Python code which you’re loading?

python.xaml (7.0 KB)

Can you share the Python code as well?