Is there any activity in UI path that converts a PDF into an XML?

How do i convert a pdf to xml using uipath studio?

Hi Mallika

Check this post

Ashwin S

Hi @Mallika, You can use XML services.


I dont find any xml services.
note: I am using community version

Hi @Mallika

Check this package UiPath. WebAPI.Activities. exists ?

Ashwin S

Yeah i got this. Thanks.
Now how do i use it to convert it PDF to xml?
Any sample example?

Hi @Mallika

Now use read pdf text pdf with OCR and use Deserialize Xml

Ashwin S (195.1 KB)

Try this attachment. This is working just fine. Open the pdf in Adobe Acrobat DC and just run the code

@Mallika, you can use PDF Focus .Net assembly for pdf to XML conversion. There are many other libraries available.


Hi @Mallika
First check whether you are getting the data from pdf correctly or not using activities like read pdf using ocr , and also try @Ishmeet_Bindra solution , it may or may not work . Result can vary from pdf to pdf.

can you mention the package used in this solution

01f9a837-427c-415b-b5cd-64d3647e2bbe.pdf (445.2 KB)
Hai vikaskulhai,
I tried the sautinsoft pdffocus library but its not working properly .when i’m converting the file its shows an white text box overthe text.That text contains some trail package and buying options.I am looking for an open source solution to convert the pdf into xml.Actually i need the cordinates of the text and the informations like text size ,style etc. I am attaching a sample file in this message . Also mention the other libraries available for this activity.
Thank you