Is there a way create exact copy of row and change value on condition in Excel?

Please Help…

Need to create new row in sheet1 based on condition, for example sheet2 contains cars data like Honda, Acura, Audi, Bmw, Mini.

sheet 1 contains data shown below:


I am confused about which activity should I use to achieve this output.

The robot should check sheet 2 for the cars and create rows for the cars which are not in sheet1
rest of the data will stay same like name, location, price. it should just create exact copy of record and just change cars.

Condition is:
for Acura it should take Honda data and for Mini it should take Bmw data.

Acura → Honda
Mini → Bmw

For example, the Output should be as shown below:


Hi @mavsp8 ,

After analysing the data provided, it seems you would wish to perform a Join/Merge values by Matching it with the Cars column where we are Only Considering the First Part of the Word.

Using a Group Join Linq Query we could get the expected output, However an analysis/testing on your end as well on would be required to fix the requirement understanding.

Check the workflow below : (13.3 KB)

Let us know if this doesn’t give out the Expected data and let us know the test data used.

Hi @supermanPunch

The query you provided worked as I mentioned earlier, but when I posted this question I did one mistake in the output I want. I just updated the images as per the requirement and apologize for the confusion.

you used split method in the query and now I got to know that I just need Acura in my final output not Honda-Acura same with the Mini. can you please help me with the updated requirement?

I want robot to perform following:

Check the sheet 2 for list of cars and if that car is not in sheet 1 than create new record based on condition like

For Acura it should take same data as Honda and just replace car name,

for example:

Enterprise Usa Honda 30000.

Enterprise Usa Acura 30000.

same thing for Mini it should take same data as BMW and just replace car name.

Condition is:
for Acura it should take Honda data and for Mini it should take Bmw data.

Acura → Honda
Mini → Bmw

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