Is the Office 365 activity package compatible with the Excel activities package?

After installing Office 365 activity package, some of the Excel activities, like workbook read range, fail because they are unable to load one of its dependencies, ackage ClosedXML version 0.87.0. The Office 365 package uses ClosedXML version 0.94.0.

After removing the Office 365 activity package (version .2), the Excel activities work again.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any solution or work around?

Hi @j0sedvelez

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Could you let us know the exact versions of both packages that you are trying to install?

A few things to try as well would be:

  1. Clear .cache and packages folders (feel free to backup them first) and then try again
  2. Make sure you have all the feeds available in your Studio, mainly our beta feed and the feed. It looks like the 0.94.0 version is part of the feed:

Simply go to settings and add this feed to the list: