Is the forum Dying?

Hello all,

I’m kind of concerned of this month “user of the month”

I mean Goldwane is just spamming random feed with innapropriate content, was flagged several time, has a 15 minutes read-time.
And is the best newcomer of this month.

Are you sure about it ? was it the best choice ? Can we even tell he is a user ?

@loginerror @Mara_Pitiga any feedback ?



This is interesting.
First things first - I don’t think the Forum is dying :wink:

As to the badge - it is automatic. And I suppose this proves that the SQL behind that badge is worse than I thought…
Let me investigate it a bit.

I disabled this badge for now, as in its current form it is not that great.
There is a lot of discussion about it here:

Also, that user is no more.


My catchy title did work :slight_smile:
As a daily reader of the forum, I perfectly knew the answer of my (rethorical?) question. Thanks a lot for your fast answer as usual.

If a slot of new user is available I’d be glad to have it, if it’s not possible the badge “MVP” will be just fine. :rofl:


Unfortunately we have no control over these badges assignments :smiley: I would know, in my first month on the Forum I was going for it really hard and failed :rofl:


I was reading another post and then I suddenly saw this title… forum is dying. I was like “who the hell is saying the forum is dying?” And stopped reading what I was reading before and clicked on this to see what’s going on… hahaha and then realized it’s about a badge :rofl:

That’s indeed a catchy title @VDEBAC hahaha. Nice one!!!

Just like @loginerror said, once I tried hard for that badge too… hahaha… but failed lol :rofl:

Now I cant remember which post I was reading before :rofl:


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