Is it possible to use hotkeys to send text into an empty table coulm in word

im working on a word document template and i only have to put a formula on uipath then generate a conclusion to a column is the template. how do i assign text to that column without adding adding to the template.

Hi @charlotte_charlotte ,

Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but here is a rough draft of adding values to a Word document that was created from a stock template available in Office.

You may have to fine tune it a bit.

My_Word_Template_with_Table.docx (44.8 KB)
Main.xaml (116.8 KB)

Hello @charlotte_charlotte

You can use bookmark and word activities to achieve this. Create a bookmark for that last column in the word template and use word activities to write.

Uipath- Word activities & Bookmark to create custom reports|Practical Demo