Is it possible to move between folders inside AWS?


I have this simple task of moving files from Downloads folder to a specific folder, but the problem is all these things are happening inside AWS. Thanks!

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Hi @Palaniyappan and @supermanPunch. Hope you could answer my question.

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Did this helps us

cheers @caduque

Hi @Palaniyappan,

I think that the available activities on this package are for users who are using Amazon Web Services. I think we are not on the same page :sweat_smile:

So is it out of AWS scope


Does this mean that there’s nothing we can do about it?

@caduque I am not sure of this, but have you tried using the Normal Move File Activity ? :sweat_smile: And then maybe you can tell us why this is not the right method if it doesn’t work

The setup is I’m automating these things inside a virtual desktop through my local machine. So whenever I use this activity, it reads my local machine, not the things inside virtual desktop.

@caduque I think you might have to use some Console Commands using UI Interactions or Maybe PowerShell Commands can work, Not sure about it.

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I will try. Thanks!

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@caduque This might be of help :

Hi @supermanpunch,

You have any idea on how will I incorporate the code from the link you have provided to my sequence?

Here’s the sample code that I really need to put inside my workflow that I found from the link.

Copy-VMFile “Test VM” -SourcePath “D:\Test.txt” -DestinationPath “C:\Temp\Test.txt” -CreateFullPath -FileSource Host

Have you tried this code manually and checked if it is able to Copy the file? And do you want to Copy file from the Local to the VM or the other way ?

What I want to do is from Downloads folder inside virtual desktop, move files to a specific folder but still inside virtual desktop.

As for the code above, I’m not even sure on how to incorporate it in my workflow. Not sure what activity to use.

@caduque Ok. So there’s no Studio inside the VM?

Yeah, there’s no studio inside VM. The studio is in my local. I’m just connecting to the VM.

@caduque Then there definitely should be Commands to move files inside the VM using Command Prompt inside VM or Powershell inside VM. using Some commands like this :

Copy-Item -Path “D:\RPA_Document Templates\PDD-Sample.docx” -Destination “D:\PDD-Sample.docx”

Try this manually inside the VM’s Powershell or Command prompt console.

But although if you have to automate this then you would have to use UI interactions to make the robot perform the same operations.

One more thing good sir, I have this question in my mind for so long.

Say for example that we have a client, and we need to use VM to get to their machine, is it advisable to have a studio inside their VM or should we have our studio in our local? What’s the more ideal solution should we ever automate inside VM.

@caduque Well, I don’t know if I’m giving the right answer as I detect there are multiple answers depending on the exact kind situation :sweat_smile: . I would answer as that depends on the amount of operation that you would be doing inside the VM. Also it depends on the Whole Process point of view. If it’s only to do this minute kind of operations, you could use an attended automation to do this and let the Bot do the other activities that it want to do in your local machine.

Again I’ll say we’ll need to ask some more people who have expertise in these kinds of situation

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