Is it possible to integrate UiPath with a proprietary application that does not have api?


I have an application developed in Visual Basic (it is about 10 years old) and it has no API to interact with it from another software piece.

What this application does is register incidents. It is very simple and for each incident it is recorded: Incident Id, date / time, description of the incident, Status and reason for closing the incident.

Is there any way to interact from UiPath with this proprietary application that has no API?

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Yah that’s absolutely possible
We can use normal CLICK, TYPE INTO activity and to get the value from the application we can use GET TEXT activity
Or we can use SCRENE SCRAPPING activity to get the values from application

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Javier_Porras


Thank you very much for the reply.

Okay, I will try to make the integration between my application (without API) and UiPath and if I have any questions I will write.

Although I have a question about your answer: it indicates that there is the option GET TEXT or SCREEN SCRAPPING, but these options are for “consult” and I need options to “ADD” an incident to my application.

My application has a button on its interface called “ADD INCIDENCE” and my goal is to “simulate” that the human presses the button and adds the incident (reports the necessary fields).

That’s possible?

Thank you.

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Yah of course
With a normal CLICK activity and enable simulate click property in the property panel of click activity so that it will click as a human does

Cheers @Javier_Porras

Perfect. It is understood.

I will do it as you have indicated.

I will give you my feedback if I have been able to get it.

Thank you.

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Cheers @Javier_Porras



I have a question related to this thread of conversation.

I have an application developed in Cobol (IBM 3270 HOST technology).

Using Uipaht, could you interact with this legacy application developed in Cobol IBM 3270? I would like to be able to consult and modify data about this legacy application.

Thank you very much.

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I have t used with cobol based application
But if the elements in that application is accessible and if the process is stable with standard inputs then we can automate with uipath
Even if the application elements are not accessible we can use computer vision activities to access those elements and fields

Cheers @Javier_Porras

okay, thank you very much.

I want to do a test. Is the Uipath software free or is it paid?

Is there a cloud version or should it be a desktop version?

thank you very much

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It’s free
Kindly go to
And login with your common authentication method like using gmail id and it’s password
—it will take us to a cloud page where click on the RESOURCES tab and download either of the version like either Community or Enterprise version

Cheers @Javier_Porras

agree! thank you very much!

Cheers @Javier_Porras

Hi Palaniyappan,

I have a similar requirement of automating a Cobol application accessed via Telnet. I thought of trying it using Terminal Session activities.
Would need your guidance if there is better way of doing it.