Is it possible to do tests with Elastic Search and Kibana using the Community edition and the free Orchestrator?


I am interested in doing some tests in local with Kibana and Elastic Search using a Community Edition version and a free Orchestrator (in local).

All this we want to do as a test before integrating all these applications in production. Is it possible to replicate this environment locally?

With the documentation rescued from UiPath we understand that from the Orchestrator configuration file we should put ElasticSearch pointing to “Nlog” but this can not be done with a free version of Orchestrator because there is no access to those configuration files. … is there any other way to try to integrate these applications in local? ¿? ¿?

Thank you very much in advance,

A greeting.

Hi @Yur

There is an Enterprise trial available that would allow you to make full installation of Orchestrator for testing purpose.


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