Is it possible to deploy and run UiPath script on Linux server?

Hi All,

Is there a way to deploy UiPath script on unix server and execute workflow on Unix server.

Customer’s webserver is on Unix and They want to run UiPath workflow for certain activity on server.

Can you please suggest approaches for doing this.

Thanks in Advance!

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For the moment, UiPath only works on windows machines.
Linux can be automated using a combination of OCR and image-based clicks & keyboard actions. All that through a VM or remote connection.

So it’s a bit more cumbersome, and there’s no recorder.

But what kind of activities was your customer looking to automate?

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Customer wanted to trigger UiPath robot execution on same linux machine where their java application is hosted.

Do you know what was the robot supposed to do on that machine? Was it terminal-based actions or in a desktop environment (which one) ?

Robot suppose to process some excel files(Reading excel files and enter details in web interface), excel file is outcome of their java application.

Hi Kuldip, Did you get solution for running the UiPath script on Linux server?

@Satish_Pakki - It is not possible to install UiPath studio/robot in Linux machine.

One option may work, You can use virtual machine and install robot in that virtual machine.

and you can always use wine.


Hi, you can use plink and rpa tool to give commands from Windows to Unix environment.