Is is possible to keep working in the same opened browser?

Hi guys,
I have this kind of structure of workflow and I’d like to separate in this way ( test and test1 ) without opening another browser, I’d like to keep working in the same opened browser in “test.xaml” and not opening another browser in “test1.xaml” but “click " activity doesn’t work if this is not inside a Use Application/Browser” so that’s the reason I’m using “Use application/Browser” in “test1.xaml”.

Plus, I’d like to simulate the same function of the click in “test1.xaml” and try to click in “new Topic” but in the same opened browser in “test.xaml” is that possible?

Any advice, please?

test.xaml (8.2 KB)
test1.xaml (10.2 KB)
Main.xaml (5.5 KB)


Inside test XAML invoke test1 XAML and pass the browser variable as an argument to the test 1 XAML or capture the element and pass it to test1 XAML and use it in the input element property of open browser activity
image and give window attach mode as application instance

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Can you try the following step?

First, set UiElement type variable (let’s say uieVar) at OutputElemnt of OpenApplication/Browser activity in caller workflow.
Next, pass it to callee workflow .
Then, set uieVar at InputElement of OpenApplication/Browser activity in callee workflow.
Finally, set Never at Open property.


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