Is AI Center Essential for Extracting Data from Similar Documents?

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I’m new to the RPA world and am currently exploring UiPath’s AI Center as free trial. My workflow primarily involves the intake of documents from clients, which I then input into Excel and other software applications. After input, these data sets undergo further processing.

The documents all contain the same content, but it’s not consistently arranged. Sometimes the data is located in the top-left corner, and other times it’s at the bottom-left. The positioning can also be slightly offset. Some data don’t have associated keywords, while in other instances, keywords precede the data or are placed above it. This variability makes it challenging to define a consistent layout.

Given my needs, I’m inclined to think the AI Center and ML Extractor are essential. However, is there a way to extract identical data from analogous documents without resorting to ML Extraction and AI Center?


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if there are same data then you try with regex based extractor if the keywords are static


hi, thanks.

some data has any keywords. how to extract them without knowing the position? For example the name of an company.


If the positions of the keywords changes in the document, we can train the documents in AI Center, it is possible to extract the data even if there are no keywords available in some of the documents, and also position is not a problem with AI Center.

As I suspected, I need AI Center to extract the data from the documents. Thanks.
So I need Enterprice licence for that, right? Do you know how much does it cost for one developer and one running process?


if the name of the company is constant then you can use regex extracting as you don’t the position of the name of the company

try once if you don’t get the expected output then use machine learning extractor


As Shiva suggested, if the company name is constant you can go with regex, in case if you need any other details to be extracted which are not constant you can go with ML. To use AI Center, you can configure AI Center in orchestrator and go for pro trail license first, you can get upto 3 months validity to use pro trail and you will get some around 5000 pages limit.

Thanks, I will try it

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