IP and Port for the URL https://license.uipath.com/api/allocate-license/studio/community

Hi!! could u please help me with the IP address and port for the below URL:

the port probably might be 443 considering it’s https…but if there is any customized port for UiPath kindly let us know since I am unable to activate the community edition through LAN.

If you are using community edition, then simply re-installing will auto update the license @pulak12334,

have you tried that?

Currently we are unable to access the community edition through project VLANs…it is accessible thru Base LAN only…if we can know the Ip and port address we can route that traffic through the shared internet firewall

As far as I know, it is not because of the network or firewall @pulak12334, uipath studio will be device specific, so if you install the studio in one machine which is downloaded by registering with one mail id, it should work in any one machine only.

yes but i am trying to activate it on one system only…it gets activated while we are on base lan…but doesnt get activated on project LANs

The network team of our organization has got it checked and this is the solution they have come up with…if they can get the IP address and port number of the UiPath community edition they can solve it probably

Could you help us with this please… it’s a bit urgent

Heyyyy, You have issue with this or with studio? “license.uipath.com

Yes, activating the studio is the issue …installation is done

and that cn be solved if we know the IP address and the port

You can get the IP just by running the command in cmd as

ping license.uipath.com

But, I think, the project LAN is refusing to connect the site or when you connect to that LAN, the IP of the machine changes which will cause the issue

Is there anything we can do to troubleshoot?

That needs to be done by the network team itself, I mean by the project LAN maintainance team. ping the site and give them the IP, but there is no chance to get the port of that site.