Invoke VBA: Exception from HRESULT: 0x800A0035 (CTL_E_FILENOTFOUND)


I am getting the file not found error while trying to use ‘Invoke VBA’ activity. My file exists in the location though. What could be the issue here, can someone help?

I would suggest to use that Invoke VBA outside the Excel Application Scope and use the full path.

Hi @Krithi1 ,

Besides @asgRPA’s suggestion, I would recommend:

Firstly, please check if the file (that contains the vba) exists on system or is it locked by some other process.
Secondly, please check the permissions to access the file

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@asgRPA - I am trying to execute something within the Excel. How can I use it out side of Excel scope? More over “Invoke VBA” should be used only with ‘Excel Application Scope’ per UiPath docs.

@Marius_Puscasu , I am 100% sure the file exists and I am able to access it manually navigating to that location.

@Krithi1 Can you execute the VBA Code manually in the Excel ? Also have you changed the Trust Settings in Excel to Enable All Macros ?

@supermanPunch - Thank you for responding, it’s working now actually. It was not a code issue, one of the precondition didn’t met, and so the exception, but the error message is misleading.

Thank you all!

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