Invoke Python script

Hello Team,
Im trying to invoke python script,but giving error…
Can you guys help me with a sample workflow invoking below script.

Compare_Func_Match.txt (1.3 KB)

Main.xaml (6.0 KB)

@mayur.mandge, please note the invoke python in UiPath only works with Python version 3.6 or lower.

the below might help:

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could you share the error details?

Hello ,
Please find the below error,


I’m using Python 3.6 version

Any guidance on same topic…im still facing this issue

Hi @mayur.mandge ,
Is it possible to share excel file ?

Hello Himanshu,
Please check the excel attached.Filtered Out Clients & Client Codes Clients for Crew.xlsx (23.2 KB)

Hi @mayur.mandge
I have checked your main file as well as python script also .Its seems to be perfect .Your code is also running on my end i have just done few changes with your code .Please check this at your end if its running or not on your system ?

New (33.4 KB)

Hello Himanshu,

Im still getting the same error, if possible can we connect .