Invoke powershell unable to recognized aws keyword

Maybe I am digging this topic out a bit, but please refer to this post:

My current assumption is that Windows projects use the PowerShell from this dependency that comes with the System package:

This was kind of confirmed by a quick test of printing the PS version from the PS window and from Studio → the one from Studio returns PS 7.1.

I was already able to work around the issue with script execution policies getting in the way by adapting the execution policy at the start of my scripts and changing it for the current process.

Otherwise, the machine policies did not affect the PS instance run by the robot, as you can see here:

However, I’m not sure if this will be as easy of a fix in terms of any additional modules that are installed on the machine and which might indeed not be accessible to that SDK instance of the PS.

@jeevith Does the above give you any hints and/or help here? I feel like it might actually work if you install the modules from within your script before using the module, but I also immediately see how this might not be the best experience.