Invoke another Robot/Process in asynchronous mode


Is there any way we can invoke another robot (on same machine or another) from one robot (Back Office) in asynchronous mode, so that my caller robot keep going after invoking a robot?

I understand we can invoke a robot using command line and can use powershell operator to do the same. but Invoke workflow file work in aynchronous mode only, please correct me if I am wrong here.


We’ve not tried that, we use Orchestrator to do this. I wonder if you can schedule a task on another machine (initiated by the robot) that could achieve your desired result?

What do you guys think about using Web Services?

The robots are able to start from a service call and if I’m not mistaking, the REST API for them is async

Hope it helps

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Agree, web service is an option of this. So how can we call an api using robot itself.

Situation is… If i am working on a Mainframe automation and I have a main robot, lets call it as Parent robot, who is responsilbe to look for certain Ids on mainframe. Ids are kept in a DB. when an ID is found I want my parent robot to invoke a child robot in asynchronous mode according to the ID recieved on Mainframe. While parent robot is continuing to monitor mainframe for another ID, my child robot is doing its own work accroding to workflow design. I dont want my parent process to wait, because it may miss another Id, which is poped up immedieatly after the first one and so on.

So I understand we can use web service in asynchronous mode, but how can we invoke api in uipath. I know other option is powershell, but it will synchronous mode.

The recommended way to do this is via Orchestrator and Queuing mechanism.

  • a master robot is adding items in the queue
  • child robots are scheduled to process the items or triggered via the Orchestrator API.

Please not that we are not offering support for Robot API. cmd or powershell can work too.