Invoke a Program Written In Other Language (ex. Java)

Hello, I am trying to understand UiPath’s capabilities. Is it possible to invoke a program written in Java or Python? For example, if I create a simple .py file with a main function that returns some string, can I invoke that from within UiPath Studio?

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From what I know, you can execute it as long as you can run it through commandline, Powershell, or opening some Application that runs it.

Start Process activity is like commandline where you start an .exe then include the script file as an argument.

Powershell activity will let you trigger a .ps1 file that runs your script file.

Open Application activity (similar to Start Process) let’s you open software with the script file as an argument.

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Yes you can execute the java program from Uipath. Below are the steps:

Create an exeuctable jar file and use Start Process Activity.
In the Activity, give the path and filename for jar file and execute it.

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