Invoice Extraction using trainable machine learning model

Hello all/ @alexcabuz @Lahiru.Fernando,

I’m working on Invoice extractor using Document understanding and using retrainable ML - Out of the box model. I have attached the xaml file here. ML (3.2 MB)

so after getting the data from “Train Extraction scope” and “Machine learning Extractor Trainer” activities, I have used DATA Manager(Data labeling) and creating the dataset. for which when i’m trying to export the dataset to AI fabric i’m getting this error.

I have downloaded from the export option and extracted the data and upload the same in dataset and created a training pipeline and trying to train my ML model. For which I’m getting error logs like this

Error Logs.txt (8.5 KB)

Please guide me what am I missing here. looking forward to hear from you!

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Arun_Singh

There should be minimum 10 files which has to imported in dataset before labelling…
Please exclude number of pages, I think in your files, few has more than one page which results in 13 pages…

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Hi Arun,

Were you able to solve this issue