Invalid L-value expression error on variable

I am trying to assign a user input into a string variable called varWorkSheetName which I then use in the Read Range activity value within a Excel Application Scope. I am getting the following error. can anyone tell me what this means and give guidance on how I can resolve the issue.

Validation Error Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression “varWorksheetName”.Invalid L-value expression.:Reference expressions cannot end with Conversion. The provided expression’s type must exactly match the type T of VisualBasicReference or LambdaReference.

Thanks for any help given.


Unable to reproduce your issue, check below

Can you check the variable is a string
Also share me the screenshot of your workflow


Hi @kjhsdhkfskh,

can you send me you the screenshot where you were getting the error?


@Srini84 @THIRU_NANI ,

Thank you for the quick response.

The variable is string:

Kind regards

FYI I have deleted the Input Dialog sequence and recreated it with the exact same values and I no longer get the error.

Thanks for your help

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