Invalid identity number



There are two sheets, 1 and 2
I check if the identity numbers are matched (use contains/equals)
For error exception, i want to check (sheet 2 only) if identity number not inside sheet 1, print out the identity number.
Result expected: 23456ABC invalid identity number
the result will ignore “23456A”

Hi @llllllkt99

Read both data into two datatables using read range

Use for loop on second sheet datatable and inside use filter datatable to filter sheet1 datatable with the required values

In filter give column name as ‘identity number’ and value as currentrow(‘identity number’).tostring

Use if to check the row count after filter. Dt.rowscount if this is greater than zero then rou have match else no match


HI @llllllkt99

Check out the XAML file

TwoSheetCompare.xaml (9.6 KB)


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