Invalid Email and Password Exception

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I have created a workflow in which I am creating PDF files and send those files to a list of people to their corresponding Email Ids. So the first step is input email id and password so if I enter wrong email ID or any number at the place of email id, it accepts the input and create the PDF file but at the time of sending email, it shows the exception that email id is not in a correct format.

But I want, as I enter wrong email ID or Password, It should show a message that Invalid Email Id or Password. How can I achieve this.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi Dimple!

Which Mail Activity are you using? In other words, which method are you using to send the e-mails?

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Hi Marcelo,

Thanks for your response. I am using “Send SMTP mail message” activity to send emails.


Can you share your screenshot of properties of Send SMTP mail message activity

If you are doing for gmail check the below for configuration of gmail account

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Hi ksrinu,

I have already configured Gmail for the automation and I am able to send emails through UiPath. But what I am asking here is if I input Invalid email ID or Password, so after creating one PDF file, it gives an exception of Invalid Email ID at the time of sending emails.

But I want, as I input incorrect email ID or password, then it should display that I entered wrong login credentials before creating PDF file.


@dimple.khurana your use case is not clear to me. Whose Email ID and Password are those? do they change everytime? If they are not going to change, keep them properly in the Orchestrator Asset as Credentials or in Windows Credential Manager.

Also, you can have a Regex validation while accepting the Email ID.

Hi vijays,

User will input Email ID and password, I have used input dialog activity for this and store the value in variable. So when user enters invalid email id or invalid password, so before starting the process,it should display that email id or password is not correct.

Is it possible to achieve in a sequence, using state machine,it is possible. But I want to do it within a sequence.


Hi dimple

In a Sequence, you can either use an ‘If’ activity to check if the information is correct based on some kind of validation that you can choose or you can also use a ‘Try-Catch’ actitivy to catch the error and then inform the user in the catch phase, the invalid information.

Refer to this doc for more information:

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