Invalid credentials in UiPath Orchestrator API Authentication

I am new in using Orchestrator. I want to use postman to authenticate UiPath Orchestrator but it returns Invalid credentials.

I am not sure what is the problem. But I want to check if the usernameOrEmailAddress, password and tenancyName is correct. I sign in by google so I am not sure its password. Where can I check it in Orchestrator?

Hi @Emily_Yip

In the orchestrator cloud platform, once you login go to the users page. There you’ll see all the users that have access. I think that’s what you are looking for… and for the tenant name, under services you will see it… or in the url…

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Is that usernameOrEmailAddress = Name column, password = login in email password, tenancyName = role column in service page ?

Username and password are the one which you use to login to the orchestrator and the tenant name is the name you have in the right side pane @Emily_Yip

Please check this topic for reference

Thanks for your reply.

But I still have problem in passing password.
As I create account by Google , I do not require to input password for login in.
Then for password , what can I input? I just get credentials invalid many times.

If you have the mail ID open or logged in the same browser, then orchestrator will take the cookies to login. so you need to use the same credentials to login @Emily_Yip