Interop lib Excel automation using c#

Hi guys
I need your help to learn interop library in c# how to create excel ,read,write, delete sheet and file, filter data etc. can you please share any complete guide I have looked into internet but found complete information with step by step tutorial or content.
also I have confuse about excel other libraries which is best and easy to use.
I am facing one problem while working on excel in dot net it’s always show read only when I try to open that even I have close workbook and aplication (xlapps.quit)

Not sure if you already saw this source, but here there are some examples directly from Microsoft on how to create/manipulate excel files using interop

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Can you please help me with some more thread I need to understand complete operation which we can perform in Excel using c#

Hi @Aleem_Khan ,

Have you see this seri
Hope it can help you

I want to use in console apps

Please help me for more information appreciate you.