📣 Internal Controls Report - user list

For Internal Controls a regular review of user accesses, user creation and user deactivation is performed. To comply with Internal controls, Orchestrator generated report is needed.

However, currently there is no such functionality. To provide data, SQL query is run. Such solution is not suitable for long-run or if auditor would like to run such report (query) to check correctness of input.

We would like to propose in next releases to create Reports section with such functionality, with option to select users per creation time (from-to) and deactivation/deletion time (from-to).

Report should give overview about roles at tenant and folder levels and last login time and allowed session (web-login, attended robot, unattended robot) when user was deleted/deactivated/reactivated.

Query in attachment, as well as anonymized data for better understanding of request.
Queries.txt (4.8 KB)
Access Review - Example.xlsx (13.0 KB)

Thank you in advance.