Interactive UiPath Environment awareness

I don’t know if you have the same doubts but sometimes I think UiPath is getting so complex that I don’t know how to catch up with everything, especially how to connect every aspect of the hyperautomation ecosystem.

So, I was thinking it could be interesting create an interactive platform to create the ecosystem I need in order to know everything i’m not taking in consideration.

For example:

I’m in this “dreamed interactive platform” and I write that I want to create an ecosystem to document extraction. I have 3 employees digitizing every scanned document. we scanned 100 documents per day but we have 10.000 documents per month.

The platform knows my needs: Document Understanding. But as a platform It knows this customer is new and the use of Document Understanding needs more than just that license. So the platform is able to create a graphic where It shows to the client how many servers the client will need, the licenses the client will need, the cost of every part based on certain configurable parameters (like cost for page extraction), etc.

The client can modify parameters like uncheck “I’ll use ML Skill” or “I already have server” or “I’ll already have X license”

Maybe it could have also some recommendations like “If this is your first automation we recommend to see a ‘process mining’ offer before taking action” or “Before taking action look how we see the lifecycle of a digital transformation”

This could help people to know that everything had been taken in consideration to create a good services without risking money and time in surprises.

wouldn’t be nice to have something like this?


Hi @KevinDS,
I pushed your feedback further. Thank you for sharing it.

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Thank you so much @Pablito :star_struck:

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Know that the Document understanding team is working towards a new model building experience which would support you an easy, guided journey to build, measure, deploy, run and monitor document processing - keep an eye out to our releases, we plan on previewing something soon! :slight_smile:

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