Interacting with Google Sheets using UiPath browser activities - Selector Issues

  • I am currently working on automating tasks in Google Sheets using UiPath’s browser activities.
  • One of the requirements is to modify the Google Sheet by changing the header style, hiding specific columns, and adding filters to the columns.
  • I would like to seek guidance from the community on how to achieve these tasks effectively using UiPath.
  • Specifically, I am interested in understanding any potential challenges, best practices, or alternative approaches for implementing these actions.
  • Any insights, experiences, or suggestions on how to manipulate header styles, hide columns, and add filters to Google Sheets using UiPath would be greatly appreciated.
  • Make use of dynamic selectors and variables to handle changes in element identification due to dynamic class names or attributes.
  • Implement error handling and retries in your workflow to account for variations in web page loading times or element visibility delays.
  • Regularly test your automation on different Google Sheets and verify if any changes in Google Sheets’ UI affect your selectors or actions.
    *Give meaningful names to your variables or arguments