IntelligentOCR Scope - Classify Document

In my project i m using Intelligent OCR (version 2.2) to read the data from Invoice PDF using abbyy flexicapture.

When i use Classify Document activity, the output .FCDOT file name coming correctly. If FCDOT file is not available for particular invoice PDF template, the Classify Document activity output coming as some other FCDOT file name.

can you please guide me to solve this.
when FCDOT file not available for particular invoice format the output should be something not available or …

did you train every template?

Yes, i have 5 template (FCDOT) file.
I tried with 6th PDF which does not have FCDOT file but when use Classify Document it’s output is coming as some FCDOT file (its taking from existing 5 FCDOT file).

In all templates bellow Blocks are common
Details - Table.