Integration of AI and Machine Learning

Hi Community,

Uipath adertises with machine learning and AI within their product. I have not found where these paradigmas are implemented within their product. The robots neither remember me of machine learning nor AI.

Can you please help ? Is there an additional Plugin needed ?




Hi @badita
The main focus of my internship project is to know how AI and ML are implemented in UiPath. As UiPath has received the award for Outstanding achievement in the Use of AI and Use of AI in Enterprise, please share some information about how to achieve this alliance between RPA and Cognitive Technologies. Also, I came across an article stating the Hype and Reality of RPA , and I am left with no clue about what level of RPA can be achieved right at this moment. I am in search of clear distinction between what is available now and what would be available in future. Please help me in this.

hi @badita,
even I am having same concern.
please guide on this.


I have tried one application please do follow this


Hi please follow this as well

Hi @dsuhari ,

I would recommend you to integrate UiPath with ML model.
Check this out:

Please let me know if any more information needed.